A dispute resolution system for Condition results

The contract is not implemented in the main networks at the moment


This contract does not affect the logic of a Pool's contracts

The SafeOracle contract allows to create and resolve Conditions on any PrematchCore contract, with an option for any user to dispute the result. If the result is disputed or not provided within the specified period set at the time of Condition creation, Azuro DAO will provide the result.

The SafeOracle's logic guarantees timely and accurate results for created Conditions or cancels them if the correct result is impossible to determine. This eliminates the risk of fraud against bettors by the data provider and the possibility of their funds being locked due to the data provider's failure to provide the result.

When creating a Condition through SafeOracle, the data provider places a fixed amount as collateral, which will be returned to them if their result is timely and accurate. Otherwise, the collateral will be used as a reward for Azuro DAO and optionally the disputant.

A dispute can be opened by a disputant only within a limited timeframe after the data providers result for the Condition. After this period, the result will be accepted and executed on the LP contract. When opening a dispute, the disputant also places a collateral, which is half of the data provider's collateral. If the DAO determines that the result is incorrect, the disputant will double their collateral; otherwise, they will lose their funds.