Case Studies
Metavault: bringing super app trend to DeFi

About Metavault: Building a DeFi Powerhouse

Metavault is a DeFi Powerhouse operating across 12 chains. In other words, it is a unified interface for centralizing all DeFi Trading activities, where users have access to trading Perps, Spot markets, providing Liquidity, staking, multiple reward opportunities, bridging assets cross-chain, access to the Metavault DAO, as well as to Prediction markets.

With a seamless user experience and features like on a CEX, trading becomes easy, and most importantly, accessible for every DeFi user out there.

On the other hand, Metavault is a BaaS provider, which translates to ‘Backend-as-a-Service’. Currently, the giant Quickswap’s ‘QuickPerps’, Kinetix’s, and soon GrizzlyFi’s backends are all powered by Metavault, simultaneously maintained by the development team at Metavault. More projects will be utilizing Metavault’s backend in the coming months.

Metavault will be celebrating its two-year anniversary on the 30th of June 2024, accomplishing many milestones in the last two years, one of them being reaching more than 80,000 users.

Integration of Azuro: Expanding Services

The integration of Azuro into Metavault's platform marks a significant expansion of its service offerings. By incorporating Azuro's functionality, Metavault included decentralized sports betting into its powerhouse — a move that aligns with the emerging trend of offering varied services under a single platform, akin to super apps.

The integration path Metavault has chosen is through the installation of AzuroSDK, which allowed for a smooth and efficient incorporation of the betting features into Metavault’s existing infrastructure.

Reasons for Choosing Azuro: Strategic Expansion and User Engagement

The decision to integrate Azuro was driven by several strategic considerations:

  • Diversifying Offerings: Recognizing the growing demand for a wider range of services within the DeFi space, Metavault aimed to diversify its platform beyond traditional trading activities. The addition of decentralized sports betting through Azuro helps meet this goal, making the platform more attractive and versatile.
  • Enhancing User Engagement: By introducing a new feature like decentralized betting, Metavault can increase user engagement and retention. This expansion also serves to attract a broader audience, further cementing Metavault's position as a DeFi super app.
  • Strategic Alignment: Metavault's choice of Azuro aligns with its long-term strategy of building a shared environment in the DeFi space that offers a variety of products and services. This strategy is not only about enhancing Metavault's platform but also about contributing to the overall growth and diversification of the DeFi ecosystem.

Metavault's integration with Azuro reflects a strategic move to align with the super app trend, which could significantly impact its market growth and user engagement. This trend, seen in the success stories of Web2 Super Apps (such as WeChat and Gojek), demonstrates the potential of platforms that offer multiple integrated services.