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Unibets: AI-powered copybetting

Unibets: AI-powered copybetting

About Unibets

Unibets is the first AI sports copybetting app sharing revenue with its token holders. It has been live since September, 2023, and has accumulated over 500 holders and provided bets publicly to over 2000 followers, and counting.

Unibets offers copy betting pools and supports its users by providing them with betting strategies, such as Compound Betting and the Kelly Criterion.

The first strategy involves reinvesting your betting profits to expedite your bankroll's growth. It brings such benefits as an acceleration effect during winning streaks and acts as a cushion during periods of losses.

The Kelly Criterion is a mathematical formula used to calculate the optimal stake for a bet based on the odds and your estimated win probability. The strategy adjusts your stakes to optimize returns while simultaneously protecting your bankroll.

Unibets AI evaluates thousands of games and their outcomes, along with current team performances, player injuries, and even environmental factors. It then calculates the actual probability of an event happening. If it determines that the bookmaker's odds offer more rewards than the associated risk (i.e., the odds are higher than the event's true probability), it suggests the bet.

Integration Insights

There are various ways to go about integrating Azuro. Unibets adopted a hybrid approach, using both the Azuro SDK and manual (advanced) paths for integration.

One of the key Azuro features integrated by Unibets was the token ID. This feature opened up new possibilities for the betting pool, allowing Unibets to manage the positions through the received NFTs, a function Unibets found particularly innovative and beneficial.

Since Unibets relies to a high extent on the vastness and precision of betting data, it was particularly useful that Azuro provides its own subgraph with custom queries to access onchain data for all the bets that are processed by the Azuro protocol.

Reasons for choosing Azuro

With Azuro, Unibets was able to create a search engine enabling users to look for any stats of any game from a vast portfolio of Azuro markets, and query onchain betting data in a never-seen-before manner.

The integration also presented a unique opportunity for Unibets to leverage onchain management of bet positions. This feature is crucial in constructing a "money lego" based on these positions, an innovative concept that will allow Unibets to expand the possibilities within the platform.

Powered by machine learning and Azuro’s smart contracts, (opens in a new tab) aims to become the most accurate and comprehensive sports prediction tool on the market.