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Bettor Data

Bettor data


Filter bettors by your affiliate address to examine user behavior, betting patterns, and engagement levels. It's a powerful tool to understand the impact of your platform on bettor activity.


query Bettors {
    where: {
      affiliate: "0x...a6"
  ) {
    . . .


Bettor entity ID = LP Contract address + affiliate address + bettor address

idID!Unique identifier for the bettor entity.ID
addressString!Bettor's blockchain address.
affiliateString!Frontend or affiliate address.
betsCountInt!Total number of bets (including cancelled and resolved).Bets Analytics
settledBetsCountInt!Number of resolved bets.
wonBetsCountInt!Number of bets won.
lostBetsCountInt!Number of bets lost.
canceledBetsCountInt!Number of bets cancelled.
redeemedBetsCountInt!Number of bets where winnings have been claimed.
rawTurnoverBigInt!Total wagered amount in raw format.Financial Metrics
turnoverBigDecimal!Total wagered amount in decimal format.
rawInBetsBigInt!Locked bet amount in raw format.
inBetsBigDecimal!Locked bet amount in decimal format.
rawToPayoutBigInt!Amount pending payout in raw format.
toPayoutBigDecimal!Amount pending payout in decimal format.
rawTotalPayoutBigInt!Total payouts for cancelled/won bets in raw format.
totalPayoutBigDecimal!Total payouts for cancelled/won bets in decimal format.
rawBiggestBetAmountBigInt!Largest bet amount in raw format.Largest Bet and Payout
biggestBetAmountBigDecimal!Largest bet amount in decimal format.
rawBiggestPayoutBigInt!Largest payout in raw format.
biggestPayoutBigDecimal!Largest payout in decimal format.
rawAvgBetAmountBigInt!Average bet amount in raw format.Averages and Profitability
avgBetAmountBigDecimal!Average bet amount in decimal format.
rawTotalProfitBigInt!Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) in raw format.
totalProfitBigDecimal!GGR in decimal format.
pnlBigDecimal!Profit and Loss (PNL) percentage.
_updatedAtBigInt!Timestamp of the last update to the entity's data.Metadata