What Is Azuro?

What Is Azuro?

Azuro is an infrastructure/liquidity layer for on-chain predictions. It utilizes a new Liquidity Pool design, the Liquidity Tree, which creates and maintains market liquidity.

Azuro supports thousands of sports markets & other games, plus a rich feature set, which can be utilized by anyone permissionlessly for the creation of various apps, embedded integrations or derivative products.

To begin, we should make clear the distinctions between the different areas of "Azuro", some of which may confuse new users.

  • The Azuro Protocol: A suite of upgradable smart contracts that together create a protocol which can be used permissionlessly for the creation of prediction applications & products with ERC-20 tokens on EVM-compatible blockchains.
  • The Azuro Components: Web components that make it quick & easy to build applications on Azuro Protocol. The interface is only one of many ways one may build a dApp.
  • Azuro DAO: A governance system for governing the Azuro Protocol. The system is expected to transition and be enabled by the AZUR token, once the token is launched.


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