Basic Concepts
Data Providers

Data Providers

A Data Provider is an entity connected to the Azuro Protocol to create and cancel events, create, resolve or cancel Conditions and update the odds. Data Providers are the entities ensuring there are Conditions to predict on, and that the probabilities for these conditions are such that the pool generates a profit from the predicting over time.

At the time of creation of Conditions the Data Provider sets:

  1. Total virtual reinforcements for each condition and the respective outcomes
  2. Margin for each condition/outcomes thus setting the odds

The Data Provider receives a share of the profit that is due to the Pool. It can be either the Pool owner or any other address, for additional security.

In contracts infrastructure, the Data Provider is represented as an address to which a part of the profit share is credited by LP after the completion of each Condition.

When it comes to resolving the Conditions, the Data Provider on Azuro follows a certain set of rules, derived from one of the most reputable established sports-betting data sources ( (opens in a new tab)).

It is envisioned that there may be multiple data providers active on Azuro at a later stage, therefore these rules may change, evolve, or vary depending on the data provider in the future.