Azuro DAO


The Azuro DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that governs the Azuro Protocol. In contracts infrastructure, the Azuro DAO is the owner of the Factory contract to which a part of the profit share is credited by LP after the completion of each Condition. Azuro DAO is also responsible for providing correct Condition results through SafeOracle if the data provider did not provide the result or if it was found to be incorrect by disputant.

Currently, the Azuro DAO is in phase 1, where the members are early contributors to the project. As Azuro develops the voting procedure will change.


The next version of the DAO will come into force after the launch of an $AZUR token and will be for Azuro token holders only.

Azuro is meant to become critical infrastructure for decentralized predictions and gaming. We hope that the decentralized ownership and governance of this powerful infrastructure will not only lead to great benefits for its operators, but to a fairer and more fun predictions world for the players. A functional and fair Azuro DAO can foster not only an immensely profitable economy, but a reputation for enforcing transparency & trust in online predictions.

Check the government forum here: (opens in a new tab).