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Building a dApp on Azuro

How to build on Azuro?

You can start building on Azuro on your own by following our tutorials (opens in a new tab) in the Developer Hub. We suggest you start with the Quick Start guide (opens in a new tab).

However, to become Azuro’s affiliated frontend and receive monthly rewards and co-marketing help, you need to book a call (opens in a new tab) with the Azuro team. Only after this step, you will be added to the frontends' Dune Dashboard (opens in a new tab) and will start receiving the monthly affiliate rewards.

How long does it take to integrate?

Depending on the requirements of your project, it takes from 1 day to several weeks.

Which chains are supported by Azuro?

Azuro operates on Polygon, Gnosis, and Chiliz. However, your dApp users will be able to place bets from other chains supported by deDridge (opens in a new tab), as well, since Azuro has added deBridge to its SDK and tutorials (opens in a new tab).

Does Azuro provide any grants?

All grant information can be found in the Community Updates section.


Affiliate rewards: how much do the apps on Azuro earn?

Please find the formula for calculating affiliate rewards here in the docs: (opens in a new tab). To see how much the current apps on Azuro earn each month, please refer to the Dune statistics (opens in a new tab).

What if an app's revenue is negative?

If an app has a negative monthly pool revenue, its reward for the month in question will be zero and the negative balance won't be carried over to the next month. See examples in Dune (opens in a new tab).


Does Azuro help its affiliate apps with promotion?

The responsibility for promotion and user acquisition lies with the frontends. However, Azuro helps to a certain extent by providing particular co-marketing activities after the launch of the app in question on the mainnet. The list, schedule and rules of these activities are available in our Onboarding Hub's Marketing section (opens in a new tab).