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There're two ways to use AzuroSDK:

  1. The first is for those who want to take a sample dApp we created and build on top of it.
  2. The second is for those who don't need an example project and can make a dApp from ground up that interacts with Azuro protocol as easily as our pre-built example.

Below, you'll find guides to install AzuroSDK for each of these cases.

1. To build on top of our sample dApp

  1. Clone the Azuro SDK: Use Git to clone the repository from GitHub with git clone in your terminal.
  2. Go to the Example Directory: Navigate into the example directory with cd sdk/examples/nextjs.
  3. Install Dependencies: Run npm install to install all necessary dependencies for running the example. Note that the SDK itself does not require a separate installation.
  4. Run the Development Server: Start the development server using npm run dev. This will get your example application up and running.
  5. Access the Application: Open your web browser and go to http://localhost:3000 to view the application.

2. To use SDK in your original project

  1. Install the SDK Package: npm install @azuro-org/sdk.
  2. Install Peer Dependencies: