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Data Hooks

This hook is used to fetch pre-match and live Conditions of a specific game.

Hook represents a logic wrapper over standard Apollo's useQuery hook. Explore Apollo's docs (opens in a new tab) to understand what data the hooks return.


The Hook should be used if useGameMarkets doesn't suit your needs. Here (opens in a new tab) is an example demonstrating usage, employing the useGameMarkets hook.


import { useConditions } from '@azuro-org/sdk'
const { loading, error, conditions } = useConditions(props)


  gameId: string | bigint
  isLive: boolean // if the flag is set to true, useConditions will retrieve live conditions.
  livePollInterval?: number // live conditions can be created at any time, and here, you can specify how frequently to check for new live conditions **measured in milliseconds**
  filter?: {
    outcomeIds?: string[]

gameId property is not the same as id. Each game fetched using useGames hook contains the gameId:

import { useGame } from '@azuro-org/sdk'
const { loading, error, data } = useGames()
const gameId = data?.games[0]?.gameId
const { loading, error, data } = useConditions({ gameId })

Return Value

  loading: boolean
  error: Error | null
  conditions: Array<{
    id: string
    conditionId: string
    core: {
      address: string
      liquidityPool: {
        address: string
    outcomes: Array<{
      outcomeId: string
      odds: string