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Data Hooks

This hook is used to fetch bets summary information for user's address.


import { useBetsSummary } from '@azuro-org/sdk'
const { loading, error, toPayout, inBets } = useBetsSummary({
  account: '0xlknqk123...'


  account: string // user's address
  affiliates?: string[] // array of affiliate addresses that will be included in data

Return Value

  loading: boolean
  error: Error | null
  toPayout: string // summary redeem amount
  inBets: string // summary pending bets amount
  totalPayout: string // sum of total winnins ( includes unredeemed bets )
  totalProfit: string // sum of total profits
  betsCount: number // number of all bets
  wonBetsCount: number // number of won bets
  lostBetsCount: number // number of lost bets