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Tutorial: Add Live to Existing dApp
Step 6: Get Live Bets History

Adding Live. Step 6: Get Live Bets History

Show Live Bets in UI.

To understand how it works, refer to the "Get Bets History" docs.

Live bets are stored separately, so to display them, you need to include the liveBets query from the same subgraph endpoint that used for fetching prematch bets. However, live bets lack specific game information because live games are exclusively stored within the LiveDataFeed subgraph, providing access only to the gameId.

In the SDK, we have a hook called useLiveBets (source code (opens in a new tab)), which handles live bets and retrieves their game information, normalizing the result to align with the schema for prematch bets data.

Feel free to reuse it.

Once live bets fetching is added, sort them alongside prematch bets if you wish to display them together in one list. You can observe how this is implemented in the SDK Example App (opens in a new tab).

export default function Bets() {
  const { address } = useAccount()
  const props = {
    filter: {
      bettor: address!,
    orderDir: OrderDirection.Desc,
  const { loading: isPrematchLoading, bets: prematchBets } = usePrematchBets(props)
  const { loading: isLiveLoading, bets: liveBets } = useLiveBets(props)
  const bets = useMemo(() => {
    return [...liveBets, ...prematchBets].sort((betA, betB) => betB.createdAt - betA.createdAt)
  }, [ prematchBets, liveBets ])
  if (isLiveLoading || isPrematchLoading) {
    return <div>Loading...</div>
  if (!bets?.length) {
    return <div>You don't have bets yet</div>
  return (
      <RedeemAll bets={bets} />
      { => (
          <BetCard key={`${bet.createdAt}-${bet.tokenId}`} bet={bet} />

Redeem Live Bets

Great news! The flow remains unchanged, so you don't need to make any adjustments here :)