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Tutorial: Add Live to Existing dApp
Step 4: Prepare the Betslip

Adding Live. Step 4: Prepare the betslip

Update Live odds, condition status and maxBet amount (maxStake) in the Betslip

Live outcomes are individually limited by the maxStake value (renamed to maxBet in the SDK), which means users cannot bet more than this amount. You'll receive this information in a websocket message. Additionally, the websocket provides up-to-date odds and status of the market (condition).

To operate with live bets in your betslip, you need to:

  • Subscribe to the websocket for live bets to receive odds, statuses, and maxStake information.
  • Calculate live odds using the calcLiveOdds utility (source code (opens in a new tab)).
  • Format the user input for the bet amount to a maximum of 2 fractional digits (15, 15.1, 15.12 - OK ✅; 15.254 - ERROR ❌).
  • Validate the live condition status.
  • Validate the bet amount against the maxStake.

In the SDK, we've implemented the betslip logic (source code (opens in a new tab)), which manages all cases involving prematch and live events.

These hooks handle user selections by fetching prematch odds and statuses from the prematch contract or live odds and statuses via subscription to oddsWatcher, conditionStatusWatcher, and websocket, as described in the previous step.

You can use the SDK as is, fork it, or develop your own based on this logic.