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Order errors

Order errors

You may get an error when placing an order, so the order object will look like:

  id: 'order id',
  state: OrderState.Rejected, // Order state will be 'Rejected'
  error: OrderError.*, // here instead of * you'll get enum value
  errorMessage: '(optional) error description',

Below we will explain all the possible errors and suggest you how to deal with them.


User must give an allowance to spend his betting token in amount that greater or equal than the bet size plus max relayer fee. So you must ensure that allowance is given to our Relayer smart contract, otherwise ask user to give it before sending an order request.

We recommend you to ask the user to provide an allowance to spend more tokens than needed just for the bet for his own convenience. For example, you can ask him to give an infinite allowance or an allowance to spend all the tokens he is currently holding in his wallet.


This error means that the message has been signed by user can't be verified. Please, refer to Sign a message guide section and ensure you build up the message correctly.

If you are using another web 3 library than used in the code example, please, reach out to its documentation to find out how to implement the same behaviour.


Most probably, you have provided an incorrect conditionId or outcomeId so the system can't find them in our database.


In some rare cases we have an internal problems with provided market, in this case you will receive an additional description in the errorMessage field. You can't fix it on your side. If the issue persists for some period of time, you can reach out to Azuro support.


The final bet price is calculated using slippage mechanism (read more here and here). If the final calculated bet price is lower than minOdds value in signed message, the order will be rejected.

To resolve this error, you can do the following:

  • increase a slippage to lower the minOdds value;
  • decrease the bet amount.

In rare cases you may find that the condition's odds are not actual in the datafeed graph (for example, if we encounter a network congestion or the nodes errors). Unfortunately, currently you can't do anything here and you need to wait until we resolve the issue.


We have a hard limit for a stake size that we can accept on each market. You can obtain its value from our WebSocket API. If you try to place more funds than this limit, you will get this error, and you'll need to decrease the amount.


This rare error means that if we accept the bet and the outcome will win, then we couldn't pay the winnings for all the bettors who placed bet on that outcome.

This error shouldn't happen because of our math model that increases the slippage in case of skewed market's money flow, but anyway it's not guaranteed that you will never face it. In case of this error suggest the user to decrease the bet amount.


It's our inner type of error that means that our risk-management system identified this bet as too risky for us to accept. It can be, for example, if several consecutive bets were quickly placed on the same outcome in a row.

You can't do anything with that. After some cooldown period, most probably, new bets on that outcome will be accepted.


This error is triggered by Relayer when the relayerFeeAmount value is lower than the gas value needed for transaction execution. Increase the relayerFeeAmount (notifying the user about it) value and resend the order placement request.


The bet transaction may fail for some reason. Usually we get the fail code and include it in the errorMessage field. Usually the best option here is just to resend the request.


This error code is reserved for all the other potential errors that may happen. While we are trying to cover all the error cases and provide you with a relevant error code mentioned above, currently we don't guarantee that you will never see this error.

Usually we will include the errorMessage field to describe the error, so you can reach out to our support to notify us about this case and we will find a way to handle this error.