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01/25 Live Testnet Updates

01/25 Live Testnet Updates

We're excited to announce the release of our Live Testnet, bringing a host of new features and improvements to enhance your betting experience.

Change Log

  • WebSocket API Integration: Moved odds and status updates to Azuro WebSocket API for faster, real-time data delivery.
  • Max Stake Limit: Implemented a max stake limit in the betslip for improved liquidity pool security.
  • Enhanced Bet Processing: Upgraded the bet processing mechanism for greater stability and efficiency.


New Subscriptions and Queries

  • Live Bets Update: Subscribe to receive real-time updates on live bets.
  • Live Data: Updated to fetch live events more efficiently. Now, for live odds, use the WebSocket API integration.

Updated Queries

  • Live Data:
    • Old Usage: Previously used to fetch live events along with odds.
    • New Usage: Now optimized to fetch live events more efficiently. For odds, refer to the WebSocket API.
  • User Bets:
    • Enhancements: Improved filtering options, including filtering by event type and date.