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Returns a detailed game status based on the game's status derived from the subgraph and start date. It also checks the game's start time for pre-match and updates the status after the game starts.


import { useGameStatus } from '@azuro-org/sdk'
const { status, isGameStarted } = useGameStatus()


  startsAt: number // game's start date
  graphStatus: GraphGameStatus // game's graph status
  isGameExistInLive: boolean // Should evaluate to true if the game was fetched from the live graph
enum GraphGameStatus {
  Canceled = 'Canceled',
  Created = 'Created',
  Paused = 'Paused',
  Resolved = 'Resolved'

Return Value

    status: gameStatus,
enum GameStatus {
  Created, // same as GraphGameStatus.Created
  Live, // game in live
  PendingResolution, // pre-match game status holds for 100 minutes after the start if the game doesn't exist in the live
  Resolved, // same as GraphGameStatus.Resolved
  Canceled, // same as GraphGameStatus.Canceled
  Paused, // same as GraphGameStatus.Paused